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Welcome to DF Recipes !

Having troubles with digital forensic ? We've got you covered !

The aim of this website is to give tricks regarding digital forensic and investigation in general. Please keep in mind that this website is currently in WIP state. As a consquence of it, some pages aren't completed.


The informations on this website come from a lot of different authors through articles, room on TryHackMe, github repository... I have decided to compile all of these valuable informations on this very same website. You will find link to the original ressources used to create the pages of my website in the Resources section. A lot of persons helped me in one way or another to create, promote this website and gain skills in DFIR topics and ethical hacking.

Please check their work. Without them, this website would not be at its current state.

Who am I ?

Hello ! My name is Prantice, I'm a student in cybersecurity, I am also a DFIR [^1] enjoyer and the co-founder of the CTF team brain tea'sers.

[^1]: Digital Forensic Incident Response

My social networks

Here's my social networks, don't hesitate to send an email at if you want to give suggestions regarding the website.

Website Link
Root-me Root-me
Blue Team Labs Online Blue Team Labs Online
Cyberdefenders Cyberdefenders
Github Github
Gitlab Gitlab
My CTF Team No link for now !

Send me an email !